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Tacking material, 1/2" X 7/8", sold in a 4 foot stick

Tacking material, 1/2" X 7/8", sold in a 4 foot stick

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This is replacement tacking material used when replacing your convertible top. This material is used when the tacking material in your cross bows has fallen out or deteriorated. It is 7/8" wide and 1/2" thick plastic material that is made to replace the old tacking strips on your car. Your original tacking material could have been a compressed cardboard or any number of different materials, they all fall apart after time and the new plastic tacking strip holds staples better and will never rot away.

You can use this material in any of the cross bows on your car, you will have to cut it or grind it to fit. This material can be heated with a heat gun to bend it so it fits the contours of your bows.

This material is sold in a 4-foot stick.



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