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Left drive cable

Left drive cable

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Is your top not going up or down? One common problem with 1971-76 GM full size cars (known as scissor top cars by the way the convertible top frame works) is that the drive cables break and the top will not operate or one side will operate and not the other. The 1971-76 GM full size cars use an electric motor with an attached gear box, on each side of the gear box is a drive cable (the left cable is the long one and is blue, the right is black and is shorter) that goes to each side of the car and attaches to a gear box also known as an actuator. You can disconnect the drive cables from the actuators and have a friend (CAUTION-friends may be hard to keep when working on scissor top cars) operate the top switch, if you can hear the electric motor turning but the cables are not moving on the inside it may be time to replace your worn out or broken cables. Our cables are made with steel nuts on the ends not plastic like the originals, replace your drive cables today and save yourself many hours of frustration. This part fits 1971-75 Chevrolet Caprice, Classic and Impala, 1971-75 Buick Centurian, Electra and LeSabre, 1971-76 Cadillac Eldorado, 1971-75 Pontiac Catalina, Grandville and Bonneville, 1971-75 Oldsmobile, 88, Delta and Royale.



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