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1996-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse/Spyder convertible frame repair kit

1996-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse/Spyder convertible frame repair kit

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On the 1996-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse/Spyder the convertible top frame linkage is known to bend causing the top not to fold correctly. On the original frame the #2 bow sometimes does not fold properly and can cause the linkage to bind and bend, this can cause a hole in the top as well as the weatherstripping not aligning and causing leaks.

Mitsubishi came out with a repair kit as the problem was so common, unfortunately the kit they came out with did nothing to address the main cause of the problem and it required you to drill holes in already weak and poorly designed parts. Just recently Mitsubishi discontinued their $350.00 repair kit so the factory parts are no longer available.

Convertible Top Specialists has been manufacturing this kit and have been selling it to installers and car clubs with excellent results. Our kit comes with 2 new linkage arms that are much stronger than the original pieces and we use vinyl coated steel cables to help locate the bows on both sides instead of just one side like in the Mitsubishi kit. This kit is complete with all of the screws, nuts etc that you will need and comes with a detailed instruction sheet. Anyone can install this kit at home with basic hand tools, we make it easy for you!

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