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Convertible Top Specialists

1967-68 GM full size (except Cadillac Elderado) convertible rear tacking rail

1967-68 GM full size (except Cadillac Elderado) convertible rear tacking rail

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Are you in the process of replacing the convertible top or maybe a complete restoration on your 1967-1968 GM full size convertible?  The rear tacking rail on most cars is usually in pretty poor condition, they rust out or the original tacking material has fallen out.  Convertible Top Specialists has been making reproduction rear tacking rails (also known as trim sticks) for most convertible cars for several years, all of our rear tacking rails are made using originals as patterns to make sure they fit as good as the original.  The rear tacking rail is the piece in the back of the car that the convertible top staples to, it is then bolted into the back of the car to keep the convertible top tight. We start out with a galvanized steel channel and we press in a plastic tacking material we have made just for us, it will hold staples far better than the stock tacking material and will never deteriorate.  We use special bending equipment that bends the part to be a duplicate of the original, every bend, twist and curve is carefully duplicated to make sure it fits right.  We then use special jigs to make sure all the holes (or in some cases slots are milled in) are drilled in the right place, each part is checked in a fixture to make sure it is right before it leaves our facility here in Florida.  There is no reason to use your old rear tacking rail and 'hope' it will hold the top in place, replace it with a new one and you know the job will be done right.

This is a complete 3-piece set which includes the rear section as well as the 2 curved end pieces.




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