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Convertible Top Specialists

1962-63 GM X-body (Nova) convertible rear tacking rail

1962-63 GM X-body (Nova) convertible rear tacking rail

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Convertible Specialists is now manufacturing trim sticks (rear tacking rails) for convertibles at our facility. We have patterns & tooling for most popular models and for those we do not yet manufacture we will be able to duplicate yours with a 'decent' original. Extensive research has been applied to these parts to achieve a great fit, along with quality materials for long lasting use. Here is your opportunity to buy directly from the manufacturer and as always feel free to call if you have any questions about any of our parts.

The rear tacking rail is at the rear of the car, the convertible top staples to it and it is bolted to the body under the rear boot trim. The rear tacking rails often rust out or the tacking material is so deteriorated that it won't hold staples like it should, if you are spending the money to replace the top you should consider replacing the rear tacking rail as well.



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