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Convertible Top Specialists :: 1971-76 GM full size cars :: Actuator bolt and retaining clip, fits all 1971-1976 GM 'scissor top' cars

Actuator bolt and retaining clip, fits all 1971-1976 GM 'scissor top' cars #SCZACTBOLT

On the 1971-1976 full size GM cars (also know as scissor top cars because of the unique way the frame folds), there is an actuator (also called a gearbox) on each side of the car. The actuator is the part on each side where the drive cable attaches to, coming out of the actuator is an arm that connects to the folding frame. Where the arm on the actuator connects to the folding side rail there is a special shoulder bolt and locking clip, if the incorrect bolt is used it can cause damage to the actuators or convertible top frame. Convertible Top Specialists now has a replacement bolt kit made as a duplicate of the original, you don't have to use the incorrect parts any more and risk damaging your top.

This kit is for one side, order 2 kits if you need to repair both side of the convertible top frame. This bolt will ship by USPS for $3.00.


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