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1995-2000 Cavalier & Sunfire convertible service manual #MAN95-00J

This is a GM service repair manual for the 1995-2000 Chevrolet Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfire convertible cars. This manual is a 'must have' if you need to service your car or do any repairs, it covers every aspect of your convertible from wiring to body panel replacement.

Some of the topics covered are boot installation, side window adjustment, power window motor and regulator installation, power top motor installation, weatherstrip installation, top frame adjustments and just about every other topic related to your convertible. There are hundreds of pictures and detailed exploded views of the complete convertible top frame and even a section showing how to install a new convertible top.

This manual is not like a parts store manual, it has much more detail and is the same manual the technicians use when you take your car to a dealership for service. This manual will ship by USPS Priority for $6.00.


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