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1971-1973 Ford Mustang or Mercury Cougar convertible header seal retainer #HSRFOM7173

Convertible Top Specialists is now manufacturing new header seal retainers for most Ford cars, this header seal retainer is made just for the 1971-1973 Ford Mustang or Mercury Cougar convertible.

On most Ford cars the header seal (attached to the bottom of the front header bow and it seals to the top of the windshield when you raise the top) is attached to the front header bow with a metal header seal retainer. Many times the rubber header seal is removed and people do not realize that the metal retainer is not part of the seal and they throw the complete unit away, only to find out that when they go to install a new header seal they no longer have the retainer required to hold it in place. Quite often the header seal retainer is rusted away or is in such poor shape it cannot be reused, if your car leaks water or has wind noise in the front you should check your header seal to make sure it is installed correctly.

Convertible Top Specialists now manufacturers new header seal retainers with the same profile and curves as the original retainers, they come ready to install and even have new screws to make your life easier!


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