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1965-1976 GM hook and yoke replacement kit #MISLTCHH&YKIT

Convertible Top Specialists is now manufacturing new hook and yoke kits to repair your broken or sloppy original latches. This kit comes with 2 new chrome yokes (right and left), new chrome J-hooks, new yoke springs and roll pins to install the new parts.

This kit fits all GM full size cars from 1965-1976 as well as all GM 'A' body (small) cars from 1964-1972. This easy to install kit comes with everything you need to repair both convertible top latches on your car and comes with instructions as well. You don't need to replace the complete latch anymore if it is only the yoke or the J-hook that is broke. This part will ship by USPS mail for $6.00.

Convertible Top Specialists is working hard to supply you with the parts you want at a price you can afford.


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