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1964-1965 Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile & Pontiac 'A' body (small series) side rail rebuild kit #MISSRGM6465AKIT

Is your convertible top frame loose, sloppy or just plain worn out? Convertible Top Specialists now has a kit available to rebuild the convertible top frame on your 1964-1965 Buick Special, Skylark or GS, Chevrolet Chevelle, SS or Malibu, Oldsmobile Cutlass, F-85 or 442 or Pontiac LeMans, Tempest or GTO convertible car.
This is an 18 piece kit that is designed to replace the pivot points (see pictures) that were assembled using threaded fasteners and plastic bushings from the factory. Using CNC equipment we have machined all new bolts, bronze and super Oilite bushings (to replace the factory plastic bushings), new wave washers and thin nuts. The 1964-65 GM cars have heavy convertible top frames and after years of use the plastic bushings wear causing the side rail to become loose, they may bind or not open and close properly.
This 18 piece kit will rebuild one complete side rail, you will need to order 2 kits to rebuild the complete convertible top frame. This kit is designed to replace only the pivot points that are assembled with bolts, it comes with complete instructions including pictures and can be installed using basic hand tools. This kit will ship USPS Priority mail?for $6.00.


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